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The TAKE AIM Engagement utilizes confidential, evidence-based assessments administered by Vestagen consultants. The resulting TAKE AIM Report provides hospital leadership with an in-depth written analysis on stakeholder perceptions related to the culture of safety, apparel policy and the role both play in patient and healthcare worker satisfaction.

Leveraging more than 125 years of accumulated healthcare experience, Vestagen developed the TAKE AIM Engagement. TAKE AIM is closely aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative, a framework focused on three goals that describe an approach to optimizing health system performance. TAKE AIM also supports improving the work life of the healthcare provider as the fourth goal, resulting in the Quadruple Aim.

To thrive in today's healthcare environment, leadership must rapidly adapt to changing competitive, regulatory and reimbursement environments. Balancing the needs of patients, employees, business partners, labor unions, boards of directors, and regulators requires constant monitoring of how each of these constituents perceive their providers. It also requires that leadership focus on strategic initiatives such as, employee engagement, patient experience, cost reduction and healthcare worker and patient safety. TAKE AIM provides a means to maximize that focus.


TAKE AIM is at the intersection of healthcare worker and patient perceptions and is designed specifically to help achieve organizational strategic initiatives. Vestagen makes the TAKE AIM Engagement easy by using internal resources to deliver a comprehensive report customized to your facility.
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Healthcare worker safety, its impact on healthcare worker engagement, and the correlation to patient safety and improved patient experiences are all interwoven. The TAKE AIM Engagement establishes a baseline of healthcare worker perceptions, prospective patient perceptions and current institutional programs and processes.

By understanding and acting upon these perceptions in a prospective manner, hospital leadership is able to learn what may be important to their employees and patients before they interact with one another. The result is that retrospective patient satisfaction measurement tools, like HCAHPS, can be favorably influenced. The TAKE AIM Engagement is a no risk resource made more valuable by offering Vestagen consultants to conduct the majority of the effort. Those that engage in TAKE AIM benefit from the outcome with very little exerted effort.

What is TAKE AIM?

The TAKE AIM Engagement identifies opportunities for augmenting and optimizing strategic initiatives with apparel programs, procedures and practices.

Vestagen consultants use confidential online surveys and in depth on-site interviews to develop and deliver an actionable TAKE AIM Report.

All tools are rooted in the assessment methodologies of:
• AHRQ Culture of Safety Survey
• HCAHPS Survey
• International Safety Center EPINet®
• Other Published Studies

TAKE AIM delivers:
• Assessments of the status quo to identify the need for change
• Insights from your healthcare personnel and patients that drive your brand
• Methods, actionable steps, and best practices to help achieve initiatives


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The TAKE AIM Engagement involves three carefully crafted components. Vestagen manages these resources and does the “heavy lifting” so you can maintain focus on your patient care initiatives.

Healthcare Worker (HCW)
Perception Surveys

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Part 1: This customized online survey, sponsored by the International Safety Center, documents the perceptions that apparel plays in HCW recruitment, retention, satisfaction and culture of safety.

HCW Survey#8
Sample Survey Question

Part 2: This online survey is completed by a select group of HCWs after wear testing a newly engineered garment as part of an innovative approach to safety. It provides valuable insight into HCW satisfaction.

Wear Test Survey

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Prospective Patient
Perception Survey

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This online survey, modeled after the HCAHPS survey, is an initiative to understand how your future and potential patients view the reputation of your organization and your staff. Feedback will also be received on the role both patient and HCW apparel plays in the patients’ healthcare provider selection process.

Sample Survey Question

Practice Assessment

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Your Vestagen consultant, an AHA Solutions partner, gathers input on areas where there is a direct link between healthcare worker apparel and your key strategic initiatives. Consultants will review data on your programs and process related to relevant best practices.

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TAKE AIM Results

Once data from the TAKE AIM Engagement is collected it will be quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed by Vestagen consultants and assembled into the TAKE AIM Report. This robust report provides actionable recommendations that will help achieve your organizational strategic initiatives.

ASHHRA Conference 2015

See TAKE AIM as presented at the 2015 ASHHRA Conference.


Let’s meet to explore this opportunity to engage your healthcare workers so we can use their perceptions to improve patient and healthcare worker safety along with patient satisfaction.

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